Details for Traveling in the Empty Quarter

Traveling with Masawife in the Empty Quarter with both a Saudi and Bedouin team makes for an experience that can rarely be found in the modern world we inhabit today.

What to Expect:

  Traditional Saudi food is served in the Empty Quarter cooked by our team.
•  We will endeavor to provide dietary requests if advised in advance but in the Empty Quarter it is not feasible.
  Groups to the Empty Quarter require a minimum of 9 travelers.
  We cater to singles, couples, families and groups.
•  Our vehicles are equipped with walkie talkies.
  We carry a satellite phone for emergencies.
  You travel in top of the line vehicles equipped with 2 gasoline tanks and water tanks built into each vehicle, sand tyres, compressors and puncture equipment.
  Our tents are pop up style – heavy duty canvas and we have tents for singles and couples.
  Our sleeping bags are Saudi in style with heavy duty canvas and snug and warm for the desert nights when temperatures can drop quickly.
  Our folding air mattresses and pillows are also supplied.
  We leave no trace after our desert adventure and protecting the natural environment is of paramount importance to all of us at Masawife.
  Therefore we appreciate that travelers adhere to our strict guidelines if traveling with us in the Empty Quarter.
  A maximum of 10 Kilos including back pack and camera bag is allowed per person on any of our programs in the Empty Quarter.
  All our desert trips are customized based on numbers and duration of nights/days and the time of the year.

If interested in further details, please contact us at for further details supplying your contact details.