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Khalid Hamed ALRabiah

Khalid Hamed Al Rabiah

Born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Khalid is passionate about his country and strives to pass on his knowledge and passion to visitors, ensuring they experience the best Saudi Arabia has to offer in safety and comfort. He is also keen and enthusiastic about promoting a sustainable, environmentally-friendly tourism industry with customer care at its heart. Khalid is extremely proud that Masawife won the World Travel Award in 2016 as Saudi Arabia’s Leading Destination Management Company. Click Here

When he was a child, Khalid’s father often took him to the desert on weekends, introducing him to its vastness and solitude and the old ways of life, which even then, were beginning to change. That was the beginning of his fascination with his country’s many attractions. The Nafud desert remains one of his favorite places with its variety of terrain and colorful history.  He thrills at sand skiing, dune bashing, and waking after a night under the stars to find the tracks of desert fox in camp. The Edge of the World, resembling the American South West, is another of Khalid’s favorites.

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Looking west at the sun setting over the red canyon walls with the desert below never fails to capture his imagination. His fascination with these sites, and the many other wonders of the Kingdom, prompted him to establish his company to share his knowledge with foreigners and Saudis alike.

Khalid, graduated from Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz University with a BA in Business Administration in 2011 and he completed his Masters Degree in General Health Management at the University of Minnesota in the US in 2014.  But, always his passion was in the tourism industry.  He has completed Tour Guide training through the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities, the World Federation Tour Guide Association and the Arab Air Carriers Organization. With the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute in the US, he studied Eco-Lodge Planning and Design, Hospitality and Human Resource Management, Security and Loss Prevention Management and Supervision in the Hospitality sector.

Khalid established Masawife in 2010 and has been a licensed tour guide (license number 2100042) since 2007.  In 2013, Khalid was invited to speak at various workshops related to tour guiding at King Saud University in Riyadh, Tobuk University, Al Madinah Al Monawarah and at  Al Kharj Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, discussing such topics as:  his experience as a guide in Saudi Arabia; encouraging young people to enter the tour guiding arena; and how to become a tour guide. In 2012, the Saudi Arabian Excellence Award was given to Masawife as Saudi Arabia’s Best Tour Operator. Click Here

Brid Beeler

Brid Desmond Beeler

The alliance between Brid Beeler and Masawife Tours reflects a deep mutual trust that has developed over many years. She is our ‘go to’ expert for Saudi tourism.

Almost thirty years ago, Brid came to live in Riyadh and stayed for ten years. From those beginnings, she has carved a unique niche for herself by offering exclusive tours in Kingdom and throughout the region. Like explorers who went before her, Thesiger, Thomas, Doughty and Blunt, she has explored every nook and cranny of the Kingdom and her knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s history, geography, wildlife and culture is exceptional.

Tours of the Empty Quarter, in particular, are highly sought after by those eager to explore this vast desert with Brid and our outstanding Saudi team. For days, travelers traverse the majestic sand dunes defining this compelling landscape in first class 4×4 vehicles equipped with extra tanks for gasoline and water, compressors and puncture equipment. At Masawife, safety is always our number one priority.  Read More

Brid brings history alive in Al Ula, in a valley of two million palm trees on the old caravan routes; at the Nabatean tombs of Mada’in Saleh, sister city to Petra; and along the old Hijaz Railway line, famed stomping grounds of T. E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt.

Her knowledge spans from the fields of Ar Rajajil and the mosque of Omar to Abha and Rijal Alma in the Asir, and the oldest petroglyphs in all of the Middle East.

Brid provides an honest and accurate description of the Kingdom to all those who travel with her. She is like a walking encyclopedia, and as we here at Masawife often say, she is half-Saudi, knowing things about the Kingdom that would surprise even native-born Saudis.  She leads with strength and our Saudi team respects her for that strength and decision making abilities.

Brid has worked with diplomats, government officials, foreign delegations, the media, and business leaders, in addition to university travel alumni programs and adventure travel companies.  A self-professed globe-trotter, she is equally at home in both world capital board rooms and remote desert regions.

Brid’s goal is to give an in-depth cultural experience of Saudi Arabia, not just a superficial glimpse of the Kingdom. If interested in traveling with her, or needing assistance with a specific program, whether expeditionary or cultural, please contact Brid through the Masawife office.

Brid Beeler’s Career

Brid Beeler works with major international companies to develop and lead unique tours to Saudi Arabia.

Since her beginnings in Ireland, Brid has gone on to a life of globetrotting and work in the international tourism arena. She has traveled through 60 countries, worked in 20, and lived in six, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

Brid first went to live in Saudi Arabia almost 30 years ago and is one of the few modern day adventurers who have traveled extensively in the Kingdom. A pioneer of Saudi adventure travel in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, she has led three-week-long expeditions traversing its vast deserts and cities, camped with the Bedouin, tracked oryx and gazelle with rangers in Ar Rub Al Khali (the Empty Quarter), and followed in the footsteps of T. E. Lawrence along the old Hijaz Railway line.

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Brid has established and managed three international tourism businesses. She was founder and Director of Worlds Apart Expeditions in the 1990’s, an adventure travel firm that operated in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and Iran. She was Director of Discovery Channel Adventures, a joint project between Discovery Communications and Mountain Travel Sobek in California. She was Managing Director for Abercrombie & Kent LLC in Muscat, Oman where she established the Destination Management Company and handled the Private Jet Journeys around the world.

Her expertise has been called upon by numerous prestigious organizations. Brid facilitated the production of “Bezad’s Last Journey” for Crossing the Line Films, aired by National Geographic; and the History Channel’s documentary “Digging for the Truth – The Real Queen of Sheba”. She led the Smithsonian’s tour in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar which followed their internationally acclaimed “Roads of Arabia” exhibit. She also participated on a multi-level cultural project involving the Yemen and US governments and the Smithsonian Institution’s Freer and Sackler Galleries culminating in the publication of “Caravan Kingdoms Yemen and the Ancient Incense Trade”.

Working in multi cultural societies has enabled Brid to develop a network of contacts that is both extensive and unique. She believes that cultural awareness and a global education acquired through exploration and travel is a necessary component in enriching the lives of today’s society.